10 shocking Things about Johnny Depp's lawsuit

1. During a fight with Heard, Depp cut his finger and used the blood on it to paint

2. A recording of Heard discussing alleged harm from Depp was played

3. Depp's bruise was allegedly caused by Heard, as shown in an image

4. Disney cut ties with Depp after he speculated about why

5. Depp says in the video, "Want to see crazy, I'll give you [expletive] crazy."

6. Marilyn Manson asked Depp if he took drugs with her?

7. Heard played audio of a headbutt she claims Depp gave her

8. A photo of large bags of marijuana was shown by Heard's lawyer

9. Johnny Depp confessed to trashing hotel rooms in the past

10. During an interview with Johnny Depp, Elton John talked about trying to make him sober